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Released August 21, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: The American Mall Soundtrack to the Movie (2008)

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Ok, hear me out on this one. Its actually a pretty catchy tune. Yeah, its nothing more than a Jonas Brothers-wannabe band, and a song from a movie fueled by the producers of the nightmare inducing High School Musical, but its a decently fun song. Its nothing thats going to make my top 10 list of the year, or even the week, but its still a fun pop song.

So now, we have the base of a moderatley fun pop song, that you will be embarassed to play, but you wont care. Even though the note chart is incredibly easy, and this might as well come with the Gold Stars with the download, its still an incredibly catchy song, a fun beat and simple chart.

That is, however, why this loses a couple stars. Its almost TOO easy. I felt like this was almost a little Undercharted, or it was just another case of Harmonix doing the best they could with the source material. Dont get me wrong, its still fun, and could work GREAT as a warmup song, or something to get your little siblings attracted to this game (either for the first time, or to bring them back in), but as a solo song for guitarists, its really just an easy gold star, nothing more, nothing less. Its worth a dollar, and if you have an extra buck (or 80 points) lying around, and you want some dumb Rock Band fun, its worth it.

Think of it as the Rock Band equivalent of putting fifty cents in a light gun game at the arcade. Is it the best video game experience you've ever had? No. But its really fun for what it is.

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