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Released November 3, 2009 for Rock Band
LEGO Rock Band Import
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Genre: Other
Album: Ghostbusters: Original Soundtrack (1984)

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Surprisingly Fun Groove Weakened By Usual Flaws Karmeleaux
Admit it, when you first heard this song was going to be in Rock Band, you were skeptical of it being fun on anything but vocals.

Surprisingly, it was a great band tune. But how does it stand on its own? Well, bass has a pretty cool groove that that involes the entire fretboard and a couple of HO/POs for the main riff. Pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, it's used a lot, and unfortunately, the rest of the song tends to focuse on long sustains. The single notes along with the drum fills is pretty cool in the post-verse as a band, but when you're playing bass alone it's missable. The only other part I feel worth mentioning is a small flourish during the drum solo that comes up twice, but it's also traps between sustains.

Still, it's a decent bass that's a great reward to fans, and stands even stronger when playing along with at least drums.

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Vocal Review 5* Juliefoo
Very fun song. Can't go wrong with classic ghost busters! haha.
It actually was a little harder than i expected.. didn't SRFC it.. but i got it shortly after.. and i absolutley love it <3
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