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Released November 29, 2011 for Rock Band
Roadrunner 02
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Genre: Prog
Album: Ghost Reveries (2005)

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Best song this week Caleb
Having never heard an Opeth song in my life, I have to say I was eagerly looking forward to this as I have heard good things about them. I was very pleasantly surprised.

The song is very long, nearing 11 minutes. But it keeps it interesting the whole way through. The songs riffs constantly change and move around, keeping your fingers interested and brain working.

It also comes with two solos, the first one being really short and quite easy, and the second one is really fun. You've got fast sweeps, and tricky finger placement to keep you on your toes.

There are also some cool acoustic sections during the quiet parts that move around a lot, and mix in some chords as well.

The song itself is beautiful, a good mix of growling, combined with an alt metal twist and good prog drumming makes it a neat song to listen to. If any more Opeth was released I would hop on it in an instant.
11.30.11 3:43am 3 Replies | Reply +15 Relevance
RBAddict666 - I have never heard an Opeth song either but after playing this, I will certainly consider buying any more DLC that may be released by this band. Playing this on guitar was an absolute blast! Reply
12.03.11 4:58 pm
TheDescent - I always thought which Opeth song would fit for this game. I had few names that are to me the "perfect" Opeth songs but... well, this one is just perfect. It's the first song by them I've ever listened to, and it's still beautiful like the first time I heard it. Awesome. Reply
12.03.11 12:04 am
Ride the Piggy - Keep a close eye on what album the Opeth songs come from as they've changed styles over the years.

Fantastic song though and great review!
12.02.11 1:00 am
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