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Released November 12, 2009 for Rock Band
The White Stripes 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Elephant (2003)

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Just Play the Guitar Part. Karmeleaux
Some of the White Stripe rhythm parts can pass for an engaging bass part at some point, at the least.

This one cannot. There's almost no point where you play something that's notably different than the guitar, which is very repetitive aside from the solo.

The most notable part is the guitar solo, where you don't play anything during the actual solo parts, you just play the same rhythm part when the solo has its breaks. Overall, it's an excessively repetitive experience and it just doesn't work well as a bass part.

It's UNIQUE, sure, but that's not always a good thing. I can't see any reason to recommend it to a bassist.

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Fallout Phoenix
Really fun. The majority of the song are talkies but it's so fun to sing along for some reason kinda like Debaser. The song does have pitched phrases but they're not hard to hit since the talkies can save you if you do decent on the pitch parts. Again not as hard as the tier suggests.

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