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Released July 17, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: New Wave
Album: Cosmic Thing (1989)

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Love Shack Babeh! Poinkish
A classic song, and a great party number, but does it have a Guitar chart to back it all up. Gotta say it does. It's a simple enough Guitar chart but there's a fair bit of variety going on here for what doesn't sound like that heavy a song on Guitar. The main riff has you switching briskly between single notes and 2 note chords as you travel up and down the neck, with an occasional red and orange chord hammer-on thrown in to spice things up.

Then the iconic female vocals kick in throwing a long stretch of chords, including a neat little twangy part that has your fingers sliding quickly over from a singular yellow note into a yellow and blue chord.

This is the basic formula for Love Shack's Guitar chart, with a few little deviations here and there, including a few steadily strummed singe notes, and 3 note chords during the "BANG BANG" interlude towards the end.

It's a great song to just groove out too while playing. And a good voxtar song too. Highly recommended.
07.17.12 11:59pm 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
An...interesting chart. Nicolas-1223
In my opinion, this is one of those charts that isn't super great, but isn't really bad either. While there's not a lot going on, what's there is decent enough to play. You're playing a combination of horns and a toy organ-sound of sorts. There's a few glissandos and three-note chords thrown in to keep you busy, even though there's quite a bit of empty space. So all in all, not an amazing chart by all means, but average.
02.24.13 8:04pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Weak to Solid 5 murakaz
This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone really, but this song is quite awesome on vocals. It has a fantastic amount of energy and loads of variety, along with taking full advantage of harmonies. There's no downtime as the two sections without phrases feature tambourines, but even those bits aren't too long.

While not too challenging there are a few steep tubes here and there that might keep you from an FC. Sadly, the chart is not perfect, as the harmony charted during the "Breakdown" section on solo vocals isn't the one at the forefront of the mix, which is a little annoying.

My lone complaint aside, this one is highly recommended for vocalists, especially those who are fortunate enough to have multiple singers.
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Slightly repetitive, but a solid bassline regardless. Poinkish
"Love Shack" isn't going to win any awards at the end of the year with regards to it's bassline, but what's there is actually pretty solid, and the pattern is a tad more varied than a lot of low tier basslines I've played.

For the most part you'll be ascending up the fretboard from green to blue, it's a fun enough riff to start off with, and throughout it does attempt to deviate slightly from this pattern, but these changes are fairly subtle and nothing game changing, a few notes are added, and pattern changes are made here and there.

To it's credit, it does have your fingers moving up and down constantly though, with very little continuous strumming on one lane. But the songs 5 and a half running time is what ultimately drags this bassline down, as it can seem a bit repetitive towards the end, but compared to the likes of the Daughtry songs, this is actually pretty solid for a lower tier bass song, and I have no problem recommending this over some of the other bass charts we've had this year. Plus it's a great song!
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Extremely repetative and lacks orange notes AeonFrodo
For such a classic song, the bass chart of it is sadly quite boring. Every section of the song has a similar pattern along the fretboard, and considering the song is pretty long, it's easy to get sick of it by the time the first chorus comes up. Not only that, there's no orange notes in this, so players don't move their hands down the fretboard. The only positive from the pattern is that at least the player moves their fingers constantly throughout the song, so it keeps them alert for any small changes in the chart that do occur.

There are orange notes though just before the player reaches the chorus, however, it's just a line of notes like a run of the mill bass chart. It's the only instance of orange notes the player sees in the song, which is a good thing for novice expert bass players, but not so good for those that are experienced with expert mode.

There isn't really much else to this song other than the possible replayability value it does have in case players do activate overdrive just before a five-seven second gap in the song that occurs towards the end of the song.

Players should only get this song if they really like the B-52s, a staple 80s hit, play another instrument or adding the song to their Rock Band collection.
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