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Released July 15, 2008 for Rock Band
Best of The Who
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Who's Next (1971)

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Great Rhythm, But Drags Towards the End Karmeleaux
This is another Who bass that sounds absolutely amazing in the song.

And this one largely translates well to the game, even! The verse rhythm is largely variations of short scales in the middle of the fretboard (occasionally stretching to either side and occasionally with HO/POs), and it changes enough to keep it fun. In fact, I like the verse rhythm on bass far more than the guitar verse rhythm in this song. The chorus is this song is vocally focused, so it's long sustains, but at they're hammer-on'd into.

Where this bass starts to really show feet of clay is during the guitar solo. The verse rhythm is modified to a R Y R Y B sort of deal, which is fun enough at first but really drags out. Then, while the guitar is off making all sorts of silly noises, the bass is locked in a scale from green to blue followed by a scale from red to blue. At first you're like 'Yeah, this is awesome!' Then it keeps going, and you're like 'Okay, anything else.' Salvation comes in the shape of another chorus of long sustains, then another change in the rhythm that largely repeats with no changes until the end.

It's got some really killer bass lines in there that I just love to play, but they're driven exceptionally close to the ground. Depending on your tolerance to repetition, this could be absolutely amazing or a kind of torture, so, even though it's got a good amount of movement in it, it may not be your cup of tea.

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