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Released November 15, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Option Paralysis (2010)
Author: ThatAuthoringGroup

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Ignore the subject, I'm never good at titling these. Decibelle
The song is pretty fun to play. Even though there are riffs that are common throughout, there's enough fret shifting and variation to keep it interesting, and minus the fade out, none of them last long enough to become boring. The solo offers a nice break and isn't too hard while still keeping it challenging enough.

It's overall much more fun than Farewell, Mona Lisa, and a great buy if you're a guitarist.
11.15.12 8:28pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Now, I said Farewell Mona Lisa was fun, but honestly, this one is a lot funner, even though it's not nearly as hard.

It starts with the verse of the song and some easy drum beats. There are a few drags, so be warned if your kit drops notes a lot. blahblahblahMAIN CHORUS TIME. This is the funnest part to play. You have to pay real close attention to the blue and red patterns. They're not very predictable. Then you get another verse, a little harder this time. Next is the CHORUS. Like the last one, you have to pay close attention. Next is an easy bridge that play like a verse and then a pretty tricky part with lots of snares. That part blends into what is the chorus's drum beat. I hope you have good ears, because the audio fades out while the chart keeps going.

Overall, this one is extremely fun. If you're looking for a challenge, don't be put off when I say it's a lot easier than Farewell Mona Lisa. That's like saying juggling tennis balls is a lot easier than juggling chainsaws. This song is still pretty tricky.
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