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Released July 3, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Emo
Album: Kids in the Street (2012)

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Wow, colour me surprised! Poinkish
I'm actually kinda shocked how much fun the Bass was in this song. It's not a particularly tough or challenging bassline, but it has a certain flow to it that makes it a blast to play. A deep sounding, crunchy, solitary bass solo at the beginning leaves a good first impression, required your fingers to slide from chord to chord, and note sustains. It's oddly satisfying to hit, despite being one of the slower bass solo's in the game.

The rest of the song has you strumming steadily descending single notes, switching lanes constantly while sliding over to hit an occasional chord every once in a while, some of these chords have single note hammer-ons leading into them which are also easy, yet satisfying to hit.

The clever use of hammer-ons is probably what really makes this song more fun than it looks. The're implemented well, and they're used in different ways throughout. It's a great example of how simplicity CAN make a fun chart, and it's a total shock to say that this is one of the most fun bass songs so far this year.

This week is a real treat for bassists it seems.
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Best Keys Of The Week Poinkish
I didn't expect this to be as active as it was on keys to be honest.

It all starts off with a fairly fast series of red keys coming at you down the fretboard, this continues on for a while before with turns to Red and Orange keys together, keeping the same pace throughout. It should give your fingers and wrist a sold workout, to say the least.

After that there's a nice little break that has your fingers moving slowly up and down to a nice piano part, playing a bunch of single notes, with an occasional two key note every now and then.

Then you play the intro pattern again for a while. The song then ends with a bunch of slowly descending two key notes, and single notes that don't move up and down much. Giving you a nice relaxing end to the song.
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For a Tier 1, it's actually rather good! Poinkish
Not a big fan of AAR, but I kinda dig this new sound they got going with the new album!

The song starts off with a bit of downtime to give the fantastic bass solo the spotlight. Then after that, the Guitar gets to play a few slow, ambient sustains that move up and down the fretboard slowly. The speed of the sustains then slowly picks up before turning into chord sustains before transitioning into a series of really fun single notes that travel up and down, and zig-zag across the fretboard at a fairly quick rate.

After this fun little section, the song then turns into a nice laid-back chordfest, with some occasional alt-strumming, and hammer-on slides thrown in for good measure too. Then you get a bit more single note movement up and down the fretboard before going back into the chordy section.

Overall, for a tier 1, this is a nice little Guitar package. It's not tough, but for it's difficulty it's pretty entertaining!
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