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Released November 3, 2009 for Rock Band
LEGO Rock Band Import
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Life on Other Planets (2002)

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Probably Best to Save Your Money Karmeleaux
Okay the title doesn't work because it's an export. But anyway, a weak-three star.

The song is straight eighths for almost its entirety. Despite this, it's at a comfortable tempo and moves around the fretboard quickly enough to be not horrible on its own. In addition, there's a number of times where the strum pattern changes up to a gallop, which sometimes makes the next fret a single HO/PO when it changes frets, and there's a single short double-strum section. Also a single transition note or two between fret changes. Simple, but very varied.

The only other rhythm is the instrumental part after the chorus, which has a short scale from green to a blue sustain and a small fill before another sustain.

Both of these are decent fun. Ultimately the former is used too much and the latter is used too little, but as I said it keeps changing enough to make only vaguely aware of such a problem.

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