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Released November 20, 2007 for Rock Band
Rock Band 1 Import
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Genre: Southern Rock
Album: Outlaws (1975)

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Hell Is Just Heaven Without Moderation Karmeleaux
This song starts off with dead space and sustains, but it's clearly building up so it's alright. Especially because when it gets to what it's building up to, we'll call it the 'main riff,' it's simply awesome. Largely HO/POs, all frets are used, and it's just really fun. "Man, I hope that comes up again," you think.

You poor fool.

The next rhythm you meet is the verse rhythm. It's built around sustains, but it's got some movement and HO/POs in there. Later, it has some small variations as well.

And finally, you've got the chorus rhythm, which is somewhere between the two rhythms in form and fun.

So why two stars? Simple. The chorus rhythm appears shortly twice, and the song is ALMOST TEN MINUTES. This means outside of the chorus and the buildup during the intro, you're mostly playing the verse or main riff. Specifically, you're playing the verse for about three minutes, and the main riff for at least five.

This is just unenjoyable. This song stands out on guitar because it keeps throwing new things at you, and it stands out on bass for the opposite reason (and gets the opposite reaction). There's some minor 'fills' during the outro guitar solo, but they're gone before you even notice them. About the eight minute mark, I was thinking "If I ever make it out of this, I swear, I'll change. I'll be a better person." Unfortunately, I drowned under the relentless repetition and was never heard from again.

It gets two stars because it's got an undeniably fun premise. It just takes that premise and runs it so far into the ground it comes back out in China. You've been warned.

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