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Released January 14, 2010 for Rock Band
Alice In Chains 02
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Alice In Chains (1995)

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A little boring. Saccian
I was a huge Alice in Chains fan back when I was still a teenager and was quite excited when their Self Titled album first came out. Back then, I would probably have placed Grind as the fourth best song on that album. I would have preferred Again or Over Now rather than Grind from this album. Despite this, I was still looking forward to getting the whole Alice in Chains Track Pack 02.

The first play through was mostly nostalgic as I had not heard the song since the 90's. By the second play though, I saw the song for what it was. The verse consist mostly of long sustained notes and a few chord changes. The chorus is mainly the lead guitar picking a simple riff.

After 3 minutes of playing Warm-up level stuff on my plastic guitar I found myself getting very bored. Then suddenly out of nowhere comes the solo. While it isn't overly difficult, its a total change of pace and I often find myself 'zoned out' by this stage and seem mess up way more than I should.

This song is ranked as Challenging for guitar but without the solo it would be more like a Warm-Up level one. For my personal tastes this song is too slow paced for the guitar. Without the solo I would likely only give it 2 stars.

If you are solely a guitar player, I would only recommend this song for true AIC fans unless you don't mind slow beats and enjoy the song itself. Going by the average rating for this song though, I may be a little harsh.
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Dat solo Caleb
This song is kind of average, which is sad because this happens to be one of my favorites from AiC.

The verses are mainly a slow, plodding chord progression, with some ho/pos and sustains; which are slow too. Nothing special at all.

The chorus is a bit better, it's definitely more melodic. But still really simple.

The solo is what makes the song, and it's quite challenging. With plenty of ho/po snakes, alt strums and other tricky bits.

But then it's back to the ol' grind.

I only recommend this song if you really like the band. It's not terrible, but not exciting in slightest. The solo is the only redeeming feature, and it doesn't do much to boost my rating of it.
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