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Released September 16, 2008 for Rock Band
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Genre: Emo
Album: A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar (2003)

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From another point in my life... m2cks
...I really was into Dashboard Confessional. A band run almost solely by one man, DC caught my attention through the Spiderman 2 soundtrack that featured their single "Vindicated". I was immediately hooked on the song, decided to venture out for more, and eventually picked up their albums to listen to. I suppose what attracted me to them is mainly the fact that they were an "emo" band that did not focus on loud "drop D" guitars and screaming lyrics (it was not until later that I discovered the term "screamo"). They were quieter, relaxing, and mostely acoustic, which was pleasant to my ears. Later on I started fading them out because I noticed that I was the only guy in school who liked them, as opposed to their hungry, ever-raging fangirls.

Concerning this song, it was never a favorite of mine, but that does not mean that it was not fun to play. After a brief guitar intro, the verses start. The original singer, Chris Carraba, incorporates his trademark "whisper-singing" here, with verses that are both low and quiet, which poses two problems: one, they are a little hard to pick out if you are searching for the pitches, and two, the pitches themselves sometimes to go deep for me to sing. These are not too distracting if you are familiar with the song, but those jumping in completely blind will most likely stumble for the first few phrases.

After the verse comes the chorus, which jumps abruptly upwards to the higher pitches. You will also notice that the phrases come by a bit more rapidly, which could again be troubling if you do not know the song very well. The good thing is that once you know the chorus, it does not deviate from its pattern the second time around. After the chorus though is a another phrase that can be frustrating; it is by far the hardest part of the song. What makes it hard is that there is a steep drop in pitch from high to low, with the low pitch being maddening to try to hit: "The words are hushed..." This can and will catch you off-guard if you are not expecting it in advance.

Fortunately, the rest of the second verse is similar to the first, and the chorus is the same. Following the second chorus, however, is a unusually-structured bridge. The phrases slow down in tempo from the fast chorus, the pitches get in a more uniform, "beating" rhythm, and they range from the highest to relatively low. What makes this bridge interesting, though, is that it lasts until the end of the song, effectively making it a "bridge/outro". Its difficulty, once again, depends on how well you knew the song. Since I was more familiar with the acoustic demo version of it more, I was slightly baffled by the bridge on sightread. On my second try, fortunately, I was able to get by without much trouble.

Overall, the song is varied, with pitches that go from "too out-of-reach" to "soaring high". It will test how good your vocal range is, but if you think you do have a good one, this song is fun and a perfect challenge for you.
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Now, keep in mind that I grew up loving this song all throughout high school, so that may have influenced my review a little bit, but its a rediculously fun guitar chart regardless.

The song starts out with some simple notes, then it just throws some crazy power-alt-strumming, and that keeps up for most of the song. The main "riff" (if you can call it that), the chorus, the bridge, everything. But, its still incredibly fun, even for a chordgazm.

One of the worst parts about this song is that its incredibly simple to get 96%+ on this song, but I have yet to get Five Stars, much less Gold Stars. This is incredibly irritating, and only takes away from the fun factor a bit, but when choosing a setlist in WT mode... it sucks, because I do second guess myself, saying "I know I'm not going to five star this, thats going to hurt my money/fan intake"... but thats the only real downside to this song. That, and there is no solo, and lets face it, even the easiest solos are still pretty awesome.

If you are a fan of Dashboard, Chordgazms, Emo Music, or Combo Rapers, this is a great song for you, and you should buy it soon, but for others, you may want to double check that note chart before you commit to buying this one, especially if you know you arent a big fan of the song.

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Alluminated Guy
Great song! Also, great to play on the drums!

The only bad part of this song is the incredibly fast high hat rolls at the beginning of the song, but the roll is simply preparing you for what is to come.
A movement up and around the set with an upbeat movement couldn't be any less demanded.

A challenge, but a fun one at that.

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