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Released February 11, 2010 for Rock Band
Rust In Peace
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Genre: Metal
Album: Rust in Peace (1990)

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Do you like to stand around and do nothing? non_zero
In this song there's not very much for the vocalist to do. You get some verses at the beginning of the song but then the other instruments take it from there, there isn't even percussion to keep you occupied. The time that you are singing it's really nothing special. Vocalists should probably stay away.
04.09.10 2:03pm 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Bass=Guitar. That's some good math! Alluminated Guy
Starting off this song on bass is what you'd expect, single notes following exactly what the guitar is doing with the odd extra notes here and there.

The thing with metal bands is how the bassist has enough talent to actually match up with the guitarist (See Iron Maiden).

In Hangar 18, the bassist is following pretty much exactly what the guitarist is doing with the exception of the solos. The good thing about this is the amount of fun it is to constantly play riffs left and right as a feature... AS THE BASSIST.

In general, this song is Excellent on bass because of the energy put into this song to begin with.

Definate considerations when choosing bass over guitar for this song.

02.18.10 3:52pm 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
I can't begin to describe how much I loved the Hangar 18 chart from Guitar Hero 2. In fact, at first thought I figured I wouldn't bother downloading this song because I had already played it on GHII, and I couldn't imagine it being much funner.

Well, whether or not this chart is as fun/funner than GHII.. Uh, hard to call. It's certainly a fun chart! In fact, it's close to GHII's version.. But I'm not really so sure that it beats it.

However, without doubt it has the GHII chart in terms of difficulty. I was very surprised to find it as challenging as it is. Pretty much every single aspect of this song is harder in Rock Band than in Guitar Hero... And that's worth something, I think. It makes for a pretty replayable track, so if you're interested I'd suggest you go ahead and download this one
08.01.10 11:13pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
a must buy se7enc
One of my favorites from GH2 returns and is as much fun on drums as it is and was on guitar.

You start off with a simple hi-hat/snare type rhythm that has just enough variation to avoid boredom. Add a couple sequences in which the blue pad replaces the yellow.

When the solos begin, that's when the fun starts. There are two different sequences that you'll play, each alternating between pads and pedal very quickly and mixing in some rolls up the toms.

Towards the very end of the song, you switch between two repetitive yet difficult patterns, one quickly alternating between pads and bass and the other bass-heavy with some toms mixed in. Don't forget to save some star power for the ending.
06.29.10 5:29pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Hangar 18 comes with grand comeback Dead Player
Remember that "last" song on GH2 that was actually harder than the really last encore with the never ending guitarsolos and stuff? No, I am not talking about Jordan (altrough that one would have been awesome to have in RB), but rather Hangar 18 by Megadeth.

The song starts off with some easy chords and goes over to a slow riff that goes up and down the note scale. Sadly without hammer-ons. This soon goes over to the classic main riff wich goes green, red, green X2 and then a little slide from blue to orange. Between the riffs/verses on the other hand, you get some really fun guitar solos mixed with some riff strumming.

But after about 3 minutes (2 verses if I am correct) the whole thing goes into a crazy solo marathon without about 5-7 guitar solos in a row, only interupted by some fun riffs. Sadly, the riff isn't as well charted as in GH2, but it will do.

So if you like challenging guitar solos and/or fun songs that have alot of variation, this is the song to pick up. Because this song is truly awesome!

Pros: Alot of guitar solos and variations make this a very entertaining song to play.

Cons: Some riffs are a bit to "strummy"

So this is my first DLC review, I hope you found it usefull.
07.13.10 11:56am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Hangar 18 I play too much Caleb
This song is epic on guitar. If you've played it from GH2 you'll know what I'm talking about.
A must get for guitarists, it's very challenging, with lots of solos, and tricky ho/po patterns.
03.22.10 3:22pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Re: Hangar 18 proevosteevo
totally agree i played this on GH2 and ever since then was on my wish list for RB2 and hurrah Rust In Peace DLC album yesssssss just got to master on Expert lol yea right
04.10.10 1:35am 0 Replies | Reply -2 Relevance
the song TheFallenWizard
This is an amazing song along with the rest of the Album. The only problem is that on guitar the trills are suppose to be bends
02.09.10 11:02am 0 Replies | Reply -9 Relevance
Im gonna rape this song on drums.
02.08.10 9:58pm 0 Replies | Reply -17 Relevance
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