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Released July 16, 2009 for Rock Band
The Dead Weather 01
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Horehound (2009)

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Alot of blank space, but its pretty fun when you're playing Madotsuki
For the most part, you're not doing a whole lot during this song on guitar.
There really only 2 main riffs that are played throughout the song, each them *pretty* fun, but just not great enough nor consistent enough to deserve a overall rating on this song above a 3/5.
On top of that, the first half of this song is mostly blank space for guitar, until you hit a few notes, and then some more blank space.
Overall, when you're playing, its pretty fun and almost deserves a 4/5, but since theres so much blank space, I'm just giving this a 3/5.
If you're mainly a guitar player, you'll probably want to stay away from this one and look elsewhere, unless you really like the song (which I do, lol).
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