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Released July 3, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Lost and Found (2005)

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Happy? Well I am with this solid Guitar chart. Poinkish
"Happy?" may not be as diverse as it's bass counterpart, but it still offers Guitarist's with an interesting, yet very chord heavy chart.

The intro to this song gives you a pretty good taste of what the main meat of this song is. A series of steadily strummed single notes, which trail off with a hammer-on note, then segue straight into three-note chords, then some two note chords, and then a funky part right at the end which has you playing a small trill, and hitting some chord hammer-ons. It's a good mix of everything in such a small amount of space, and the small hammer-on break between the chordy parts should give you down-strummers a slight reprieve!

About 40 seconds in, you get this lovely ambient part that has your fingers shifting up and down the fretboard as you play multiple hammer-on strings, with the odd chord thrown in every now and then. This is a good wind-down from the main pattern, and fun to play.

The next section in my opinion, will give less experienced Expert players problems. Your fingers will be darting between chords, then dashing all the way to the other end of the fretboard to hit orange notes in-between. It's an unusual pattern, and it shifts around a lot, but it's rewarding to hit.

It all comes together to make one of the better chord heavy songs in the game in my opinion. Well worth a buy.
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These Keys won't leave you feeling "Happy!" Poinkish
The tiering for this song on Keys will probably already give away what this song has to offer, and it's not much!

It's a pretty sparse keys chart with only a few parts scattered throughout. 1 minute into the song you play about 4 sustained notes. Then about 20 seconds later, a few single not keys that travel slowly from left to right up the keyboard. This only repeats a couple more times before ending.

Weakest instrument of the week in my opinion. And I could only recommend this to people who either like the song, or who aren't dedicated keys players and like to play other instruments too.
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Bass of the Year so far! Poinkish
Mudvayne's bassist, Ryan Martinie has always been somewhat an underrated player in my opinion, so to see a Mudvayne song finally is great.

"Happy?" starts off with a short series of fairly easy alt-strummed notes that segue into hammer-ons, moving back and forth across the fretboard. About 30 seconds or so in, you get a short break, before playing a relaxed section consisting of sustained single notes.

Then the main meat of the song kicks in, and the reason why this song gets a Second to last tier rating on bass. It all starts off with a long series of steadily strummed single notes that move all over the place with short strings of hammer-on notes in between as you change lanes up and down.

No sooner than this part ends, a very heavily chordy section comes at you, but it throws in a whole bunch of unusual single note hammer-ons and chord hammer-ons throughout. This part sounds great, and is a blast to play. And it constantly switches up as well, with multiple patterns changes throughout. It's a pretty unique chart for a bass song, and refreshing too.

You'll constantly be changing between these chordy heavy parts, and snakey alt-strumming throughout, and it never feels too repetitive or dull at all. For bassists this is the best song of the week, and so far, my favourite Bass DLC of 2012!
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