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Released September 13, 2011 for Rock Band
Weezer 04
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Weezer (The Green Album) (2001)

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Somewhat awkward Madotsuki
This song follows a sort of 'Peter Gunn' riff, that is quite awkward when played on guitar.
The pattern goes: G+Y twice then R+B then Y+O.
This pattern is played through the verses of the song and isn't particularly difficult if your able to easily get your fingers around the fretboard. However, beginners to Expert will likely have alot of trouble trying to play this riff. The choruses aren't too different, as you play a couple chords then the PG riff a few times followed by some more chords then its back to the verse. The solo is fairly easy compared to the PG riff and is pretty smooth.
Overall, its easy if you're good at expert, but if you can't quite wrap your hands around the fretboard, you may experience problems.
If you like this song, you might be annoyed by the refrain removal (see my drums review), and might not like the guitar chart, but that depends on how skilled you are on expert (and if your even playing on expert, lol), so you may or may not want to buy this.
If you like Weezer, you will probably want to get this song, but you might want to get a less awkward or more fun song if your mainly a guitar player.
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Come On and Change Please Karmeleaux
G G Y B G G Y B G G Y B G G Ybo

You'll see that a lot. But despite that drone during the verse (which is by no mean not fun, but it does get repetitive quicker than most other Weezer verses), it's got pleasant surprises, the first among them being bass chords into the pre-chorus. This section also ends with a short HO/PO chain and scale going into the chorus, which isn't always the same.

The chorus, though, is a standard Weezer affair, largely straight eighths on various frets. It's got two tricks that make it notable among Weezer basses, though - the first is the strum pattern OCCASIONALLY switches, and the second is the bass chord reappear for part of this.

Like Island in the Sun, this song sticks as a middling three-star due to interesting variations within its only two rhythms, rather than pulling you in with one or two interesting parts and keeping you bored throughout the rest.

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Favorable Madotsuki
This song is pretty easy for the most part, you're mostly playing with your right on the hi-hat, left on the snare with some kicks like most songs. It isn't until the chorus where you will be playing some crash notes and some syncopated kicks. There are also some quick triplets and other little things snuck in during the chorus, and at one point during one of the choruses there is a really fast snare roll that may catch you off guard.
Overall, this song is fairly easy on drums with some tricky little things thrown in.
Also, on a sort of unrelated note, the refrain to the choruses is removed from the song, which leads me to believe this is probably the single version (why Harmonix chose the single version I don't know, the refrain that was removed doesn't have any profanities or greatly increase the length of the song.)
If you like this song, its a nice, fun song that does not disappoint, dispite the lack of the refrain. However, if you're playing drums, the lack of refrain can easily confuse someone who is used to the song and it may break their streak.
If you like Weezer, this is a great song by them (however thats purely opinion), and I would recommend it.
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Awkward moopuns
You're essentially playing awkward chords the ENTIRE time, except for a finger relaxing solo.

Just be warned-- It hurts to play this.
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