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Released February 1, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Urban
Album: Nerdcore Rising (2005)
Author: mc_frontalot

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Extremely fun, especially for "urban." DoofiestDoofz
Chances are, majority of the people that play Rock Band don't even like rap, including me, but there is a goal for getting at least 4 stars on 3 RBN songs by MC Frontalot, Alias Unknown, and Hyro Da Hero.

After playing them all, Top Back by Alias Unknown and Lights Out by Hyro Da Hero are those modern rap songs people hear just about everywhere.

Hassle: The Dorkening is not really like that. Personally, I like those cheesy rap songs people heard in the nineties, like Young MC, or Sir Mix-A-Lot. That's basically what this is. It's crazy fun on drums, mixed up with a simple disco beat with the occasional opened hi-hat, and that's what basically makes up the whole song, but the song is actually upbeat, and not too difficult, which actually gives a huge amount of fun in it.

And YES, it does have Pro Drums charted.
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