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Released February 1, 2011 for Rock Band
London Calling
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Genre: Punk
Album: London Calling (1979)

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Hateful? No, it's lovely. Lowlander2
SOLO: Lyrically, this song seems to be about a drug addiction, and follows that through with a rather speedy vocal line. It's basically the same song repeated over and over, but it's catchiness and haste makes it enjoyable nonetheless.

HARMONIES: The harmonies here do not follow the traditional rule of being mostly different pitches instead having everyone sing the same pitch during the chorus, and having the two backups have a short buzz in during the verses. In that respect it's very similar to Been Caught Stealing. During the last part. Everyone does something that's been done during the song, but each person is doing something different. Not too challenging, but very fun.
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