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Released January 31, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: New Wave
Album: Songs from the Big Chair (1985)

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An interesting chart at best. Nicolas-1223
Don't get me wrong, I love the keyboard part in this song. The solo is outstanding (albeit being insanely short) and the sound of the keyboard itself sounds great, but towards the end, it's really repetitive and monotonous. And for some odd reason, it's pretty hard to 5-star this without a near-FC. I've done great on it multiple times - even some runs where I've FCed the solo - and I still came out with 4 stars.
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What Was Up With The Video For This Song Karmeleaux
A pretty fun part overall, but I'm not sure I'm head over heals for it. ah, ah

Anyway. The intro is a green sustain for two measures, or a red sustain for two measures. It does a great job of setting your expectations lows, if nothing else.

But the actual verse rhythm is pretty fun and varied. A short hammer-on chain, a scale up and down the fretboard, a few HO/POs in there too.

The chorus scales from orange to a green sustain, then scales from red to orange with a bit extra in there. Again, some HO/POs in there add a bit of variety if you're not paying attention.

Both of these are pretty fun, but the main attractor here is the bridge/outro rhythm. It's short scales around the fretboard, a sustain, then a short hammer-on chain at the end of the sustain. It's unique and refreshing when it starts, but it's legitimately easy to trip up and over time becomes a bit grating.

Still, the verse and chorus are fun, the bridge/outro is fun at its core even if it wears out its welcome, it's a surprisingly good time overall.

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