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Released December 4, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: iCarly (2008)

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Not what I was expecting in the least m2cks
I am sure many of my fellow Rock Band peers immediately downloaded this song based solely on the fact that it is free. Well, count me in, for I did not give a single listen to this song before it was released, and I jumped in blindly when it was time to play it. Now, I have little knowledge when it comes to Miranda Cosgrove or other Nickelodeon stars (outside of she was in School of Rock), but it seems to be a pattern that once a child actor/actress (mainly actresses) becomes popular enough, they are forced to get their toes wet in the music business as well, to varying levels of success.

Fortunately, in this case they seem to get the poppiness down to a listenable degree, and, dare I say it!, the song was pretty catchy as well. In my opinion, the song's catchiness directly correlates to the fun factor, vocals-wise, and this by far is no exception. The song's verses are easy to understand, with pitches that stick to the lower parts of the chart. The verses lead to a sort of pre-chorus that goes low to high to low again in three short phrases. From then it is the chorus, which sails high into the chart, but not too high that one must go into falsetto to hit. It takes on a descending pattern that honestly is pretty fun to sing along with. It repeats for a second time with some variations to the verse phrases, so a little warning there. After the second chorus, the song goes into a bridge with the first half of it reminiscent of the chorus. The second half, however, is where one must use the falsetto I mentioned before, with a high pitch on "can't turn back now~ / don't wanna come down~" After the brief break, the pre-chorus/chorus comes back around for the finale with little to no variations. The chorus leads smoothly into an outro filled with sustains that shouldn't be too hard to nail, then a repeating phrase to the end that is the same as the final part in the chorus ("with the headphones on").

Overall, a fun song with a ton of variations and catchy hooks that make you want to continue singing. Ignoring the poppiness of the song that might turn off some players, it is quite the enjoyable experience. It really seems that pop songs are continuously some of the more quality songs available for vocalists, no doubt, so my message is as follows: do not refuse to buy songs based solely on whether or not you like them; you might discover that a bad song to listen to is a fun song to sing with.
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Fallout Phoenix
I don't really care what your opinion on this song is, you can't deny that this bass chart is mildly challenging.

It's funky and with that come awkward HO/PO moments. The tiering is not a mistake while experienced bassists won't fail, the FC can be difficult to get since the song is so easy to choke on. It's free so try it out and if you don't like it, it's not like nothing was lost in trying it

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Headphones on: Pretty nice Caleb
It's pretty fun to sing, cheesy lyrics, but it's really catchy so I don't really mind. For a Nickelodeon song, it's pretty cool. And it's free. ;)

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Fallout Phoenix
This song honestly is not that bad. It's entertaining and I found the main riff to be fun. It has a solo but it's not
much, but seriously this song isn't bad for something that's free

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