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Released July 26, 2011 for Rock Band
Yes 01
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Genre: Prog
Album: Fragile (1971)

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Heart of the Sunrise (Rocksmith)
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Paradiddlin' LunaticSoul
I think people is being way too critical about this Yes pack. I know we were all expecting mindblowing charts on every instrument, but not always long epics deliver a great experience, Rock Band speaking. This one, though, is IMHO one of the best song that HMX made for the game in the last few months.

Especially on Fragile, Yes' drummer used a LOT of paradiddles. The main beat of this song is made of them, and it's awesome. If you liked Roundabout, you'll love this one.
It's fast, not as "South Side of the Sky" though,(which is insanely fast) so even if you're a decent drummer you should be able to pass the song.

So, I've seen a lot of people is complaining about the repetition on this chart. During a 11 min. run, you'll find that specific beat just four times. Is it boring to play a great beat that lasts one minute four times? I don't think so.

The break, which lasts 3.40 on guitar, only lasts nothing more than 1.00 on Drums, which accompanies the Harmonies/Keys section with a nice Ride beat and a good tom fill.

Totally recommended for every Drummer, best one of the pack.
07.31.11 3:13pm 2 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Keys OH SNAP jackshiels
There are few songs that fit into my favourite category - I call it varied, difficult and fun.

Heart of the Sunrise is exactly this in every way. The chart is challenging and constantly changing - easily the best of the whole pack. You'll be playing synth repetitions one moment and switching to classical pieces the next. I love it!

The difficulty level is pretty high and I would put it somewhere between Roundabout and Do You Feel Like We Do - not truly impossible like the latter mentioned, but still many "OH SNAP" moments that will catch you off guard.

Chart formations are extremely varied and complicated. There are a large number of 5 and 6 note a second repetitions on one key, which will be very strenuous the first time you play (unless you use alternating tapping techniques, which are pretty hard to learn anyway). Later on the song indulges into a classically themed arpeggio piece that is fast and creative - though not impossible. One of the best bits is a repetitive synth flow that really makes use of honed timing skills - very fun!

All in all highly recommended for the skilled player looking to gain new finger stamina and timing - one of the best DLC songs available!
01.12.12 4:07pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Sharp! Distance! Madotsuki
Yeah, sure, you have to wait for 3 minutes and 38 seconds before its your turn to play, but don't let that get you down.
The vocals on this song during the first verse are pretty quiet and have a few notes that are a little difficult to hit if your not an experienced singer. After the short refrain, the vocals come back in for another verse, a little higher and louder than last time. Then during the 'Sharp, distance' part you'll have to reach up for some tricky highs that Anderson is famous for. There are some more instrumental sections for the rest of the song, but the sections where there are vocals your voice can really soar, as most of the notes are in a high octave. For the last minute and a half of the song you will have to hit some impressive high notes that may be difficult to hit if you're not an experienced singer.
Overall the song is a great chance to show off those crazy high notes you can hit, but there is some waiting in the beginning and in the middle of the song, however that is besides the point, as the vocals for this song are quite enjoyable.
If you like this song, this a great fun song on any instrument, and I would recommend it.
If you like Yes, this is one of the funnest (and longest) songs that are available for DLC and I would highly recommend it if you enjoy the band.
04.12.12 2:58am 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Yes is here, but not necessarily worth it HGinCT14
Roundabout gave drummers a taste of the para-diddle action found in the Yes rhythms. However, overall this pack is very underwhelming on drums and what is does bring to the plate is stretched far and wide across ten minute long epics and covered with repetition.

Heart of the Sunrise is a song that looks and sounds fun in the demo and when you start playing it, but 4 or 5 minutes in I just wanted to stop playing it. it kept alternating between a crazy para-diddle pattern and a mellow sections with harmonies and keys. what really brings this song down is the 11 minute running time, if you have the patience and the interest, I'd look at it but beware
07.28.11 6:37am 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Some Sharp Parts, Some Distance Between Them Karmeleaux
Eesh. This is a tricky one, I can see ratings ranging anywhere from three-star to five-star. In the end, I'll straddle the fence. Mm, yeah.

Anyway. This is a long song, so I think I'll end up summarizing the pros and cons rather than detailing the chart as much as I usually do.

This song has a lot going for it. The main riff is an energetic doublestrum with various scales of decent length just going wild. It's a blast, it really is. Furthermore, even outside of that, it's got some short HO/PO chains in pretty much any rhythm it goes into. And most rhythms move around the fretboard fast enough to keep you engaged, even if it's not that complex. Bass chord movements get a honorable mention, even though they don't really add anything to this song in my opinion.

On the other hand. You know that main riff I said it is a blast? It's there a lot. It's a long song, so it's hard to say if it outstays its welcome, but it definitely pushes it sometimes. And unfortunately, for all the fun rhythms in there, there's some areas that are entirely sustains or blank.

It's a great bass part, and not nearly enough against it to really hamper the song, but enough in my book to make it noticeably 'not one of the best.' Definitely a good time for many players, but I can see some finding it repetitive or lacking in areas and I can't fault them for that.

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Why the negativity? sageamagoo
This is a fun chart on all instruments. The fast sections are awesome, and the slow sections still hold your attention. One of my favourite Yes songs.
01.29.14 8:14pm 0 Replies | Reply -2 Relevance
Um...what? Ospero
Five 5-star ratings for this? How?

Heart of the Sunrise is the definite low point of the Yes pack on guitar. A good portion of your enjoyment will come down to whether or not you get that main riff down - and I couldn't get the hang of it at all. And it keeps popping up whenever you think it's finally over and done with.

Add to that some lengthy stretches of black (though not as bad as South Side of the Sky's three-minute piano/harmonies interlude) and a ten-minute running time with no solo for guitar (how long do you have to search to find a prog song this long with no guitar solo?), and you get two stars from me. If you don't get the whole pack, and you mainly play legacy guitar, avoid this one.
07.27.11 2:35am 1 Replies | Reply -3 Relevance
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