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Released December 8, 2015 for Rock Band

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Genre: Prog
Album: Watershed (2008)

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Reviews (1) >> Review by Caleb (Guitar) Show:
The most fun on guitar I have had in a long time Caleb
Let me put this out there:


So naturally I smiled the whole time playing this song.

This song starts out slow, it builds up the atmosphere with some heavy sustains, and then drops it down to quiet piano....and then booming into the main parts of the song.

Scattered throughout you will find tricky chord combos, melodic sweeping acoustic sections, insane power chugs, and two nifty solos, the first one being crazy sweepy.

The song is long, but offers a lot of variety, also it just sounds awesome.

If you were a fan of Ghost of Perdition, definitely get this one too. If you are a fan of progressive music in general, get this song as it's deliciously fun on pretty much everything.
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