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Released July 24, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Torches (2011)

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Strongest Bass chart of the week. Poinkish
"Helena Beat" isn't a very Guitar heavy song, but it makes up for that with a much more significant focus on Bass & Keys.

The bass chart suffers from a slight bit of downtime at the beginning, with the only significant part to play in the first minute being a series of hammer-on sustain notes that start from orange and descend to red, this only happens 3 times and doesn't give you a good first impression when it comes to what this songs bass has to offer.

But shortly after, you get a heck of a lot of movement up and down the fretboard which varies wildly, there's even some nifty gallops and hammer-ons thrown in every once in a while to add to the variety! This part is great fun, and shows up for the majority of the songs running time.

The pattern loops another time before throwing a bunch of brief green sustain notes at you, leading into what is in my opinion, my favourite part of the song, the second half of the bridge, which throws yet more movement up and down the fretboards but with a nifty hammer-on snake that goes O,B,O,B and Red. It can catch you out if you're not prepared, but for those of you more experienced bassists, this shouldn't provide a problem and it's great fun to play.

Then there's the breakdown chrous which gives you a bit of a reprieve, before throwing the pattern you've been playing for the majority of the song back at you.

If it wasn't for the gaps, this would have actually scored a 5/5 from me, but even with this glaring flaw, this is a great bassline. Totally recommend it.
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Solid to Strong 3 murakaz
This chart features some really great bits, namely the choruses and the outro, but is dragged down by moderate downtime and nearly pointless tambourine sections.

The lack of variety is fairly noticeable, there is little to no difference between the verses, and the chorus is 75% of what you're singing (100% if you're not the main harmony). The outro is great fun though.

If you're a fan of the band/song, grab it. Otherwise I would give it a good listen first.
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Keys Players Rejoice! Poinkish
That's right. For the first time in quite a while we get a consistent, thoroughly entertainng keys part to play. In fact, the keys are the most prominent instrument in this song, taking the instrumental spotlight!

After the drum intro, you get to play your first part, which is a series or two note key sustains that slowly go back and forth across the keyboard, followed by some a long series of varied keys that travel all over the place, changing tempo slightly to hit a faster series of notes that go B,O,B every one in a while. This parts easy but fun.

This pattern loops for a bit until you get to what is the hardest, and probably my favourite part of the keys chart, a repeating loop of yellow, blue and green, before switching up to a red and blue zig-zag, followed by a crazy solo that has you hitting a huge key snake that quickly moves back and forth, barely ever repeating throughout. It's incredibly hard if you don't have the reflexes to react quick enough, but great fun.

Easily one of the better key charts of the year so far.
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Great song, but one of the more dull Guitar charts of 2012 Poinkish
Anyone who's listened to Helena Beat knows that this is a song that's not particularly Guitar heavy, and this is reflected in it's Guitar chart.

There's a lot of long gaps with nothing going on at all, which is a shame, because when "Helena Beats" does throw something at you, it comes off as rather unusual, and interesting.

The first pattern you'll be playing consists of a series of beepy sounding noises that have you playing descending hammer-on snakes before shifting back up to strum a bunch of single note lanes that thrown in an occasional hammer-on as you shift your hands up or down to hit the next lane.

Then there's a bit more dead space before playing an unusual set of gallops that switch up slightly between green and yellow. It's an interesting part but it's over too quick, playing a few green and yellow zig-zag notes before going back to playing nothing.

Then it's back to playing the hammer-on section and the steady strumming from before and then it's all over. The weakest Guitar song of the week in my opinion. So if you dedicated Guitarists have to skip one song this week, it's this one.
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Best bass this week Caleb
This song is probably the best FTP song I know so far, it's so catchy and I can't stop playing it. I will admit the guitar part is less than extraordinary, but the bass is another thing.

The song starts with a periodic descending sustain chain during the first verse. Nothing too exciting or interesting but once the chorus comes in, it all gets better from there.

You a series of root notes, sustains and even a few quick hammer on sections that move your fingers all around the neck. Even though it's not very difficult, it still offers a great feel to play. Then post-chorus you get this cool little bass interlude that moves even more than before.

Repeat the same pattern for the second chorus and then it throws you into the breakdown. In here you start with a root green note to build up, and then you start hammering on the blue orange and red notes in a cool little pattern for a kind of a "bass solo" and then the third chorus and the rest of the songs is cake.

This song offered up a lot of variety for being only a 3 dot and I definitely recommend buying this song if any for bass this week. Very good!
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Really busy and upbeat Nicolas-1223
Out of the three FtP songs we have in the game, this one has the most awesome drum chart, hands down. You start off playing a drum solo of sorts that is really unpredictable and fun, (I'm actually shocked it wasn't charted as a solo) then you get into a really fast and upbeat rhythm that takes up the rest of the song, save for the breakdown, where you hit the toms a bunch of times. Definitely worth the buy for this and the keys chart.
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