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Released July 24, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Torches (2011)

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Best bass this week Caleb
This song is probably the best FTP song I know so far, it's so catchy and I can't stop playing it. I will admit the guitar part is less than extraordinary, but the bass is another thing.

The song starts with a periodic descending sustain chain during the first verse. Nothing too exciting or interesting but once the chorus comes in, it all gets better from there.

You a series of root notes, sustains and even a few quick hammer on sections that move your fingers all around the neck. Even though it's not very difficult, it still offers a great feel to play. Then post-chorus you get this cool little bass interlude that moves even more than before.

Repeat the same pattern for the second chorus and then it throws you into the breakdown. In here you start with a root green note to build up, and then you start hammering on the blue orange and red notes in a cool little pattern for a kind of a "bass solo" and then the third chorus and the rest of the songs is cake.

This song offered up a lot of variety for being only a 3 dot and I definitely recommend buying this song if any for bass this week. Very good!
07.24.12 4:04pm 4 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Caleb - Why would someone give this a -1? Seems unreasonable, and I honestly cannot think of a reason why someone would do such a thing. Reply
07.26.12 11:51 pm
Poinkish - Yes, there are keys Killerband. Same for "Don't Stop". "Cover Under Darkness" is the only non-keys song this week. Reply
07.24.12 4:33 pm
Caleb - What do you mean? Are you asking if a keyboardist was on the stage? If that is it then no, there wasn't. But there is keyboard in the song. Reply
07.24.12 4:30 pm
killerband55 - when you played this, did you see any keyboard for this song? Reply
07.24.12 4:25 pm
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