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Released July 24, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Torches (2011)

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Keys Players Rejoice! Poinkish
That's right. For the first time in quite a while we get a consistent, thoroughly entertainng keys part to play. In fact, the keys are the most prominent instrument in this song, taking the instrumental spotlight!

After the drum intro, you get to play your first part, which is a series or two note key sustains that slowly go back and forth across the keyboard, followed by some a long series of varied keys that travel all over the place, changing tempo slightly to hit a faster series of notes that go B,O,B every one in a while. This parts easy but fun.

This pattern loops for a bit until you get to what is the hardest, and probably my favourite part of the keys chart, a repeating loop of yellow, blue and green, before switching up to a red and blue zig-zag, followed by a crazy solo that has you hitting a huge key snake that quickly moves back and forth, barely ever repeating throughout. It's incredibly hard if you don't have the reflexes to react quick enough, but great fun.

Easily one of the better key charts of the year so far.
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