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Released June 26, 2008 for Rock Band
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Doolittle (1989)

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Tons of movement, easy solo, very laid-back feeling Madotsuki
The main progression of this song has alot of movement around the fretboard with lots of single-notes and some single-note sustains, and repeats alot throughout the song.
The verses have even more movement all across the fretboard, and with the addition of HO/POs, the verses are an absolute blast.
The pre-choruses are mostly 2-note chords strummed consistently until a chorus where you're playing the main progression a number of times.
The solo has you playing alot of 2-note chords where you have to move your finger back and forth repeatedly, switching to other 2-note chords until some other easy chord patterns and then the solo ends.
Overall, this song is very enjoyable, and laid-back despite having alot of movement throughout the song, and even with all this switching around the frets, its still fairly easy to FC.
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