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Released June 28, 2011 for Rock Band
3 Doors Down 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Away from the Sun (2002)

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Slow Songs Can Be Fun! Gigakoops
Okay, I should start this off by explaining my plan for the next several months (or you know, whenever I call it quits). Because I have so many songs in my library that rarely get played, I've decided to go through each song I own and reviewing the guitar part (or bass if there's no guitar, or keytar if neither are an option). I am starting from the top of the alphabet and going down. I know this may seem a bit unrealistic, and I don't expect to make it through the first seven letters of the alphabet, but it's still a cool concept. I will review any new songs I get when I get to their letter (unless the song I get is before where I'm at in the alphabet, in that case I'll review it upon sightread).

Now on with the review. While the song is slow, it has really fun, albeit easy, HOPO patterns throughout. While the bridge is simple chords, the rest of the song is essentially graceful moving from one note to the next at a speed that's quite easy to hit. It's a lot of fun and a popular song to boot, so any learning guitar players searching for a song to help boost HOPO skills need look no further.
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