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Released June 26, 2008 for Rock Band
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Doolittle (1989)

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Extremely diverse, tremelo picking at one point even Madotsuki
This song has, surprisingly, an incredibly diverse guitar chart.
The guitar you hear in the beginning repeats a constantly changing pattern thats mixed with chords, single-notes, and some quick HO/POs, other parts of the song include some simple 2-note chords being strummed, some sections with single-notes sustains and 2-note sustains, an incredibly laid-back, smooth solo that has plenty a movement throughout along with HO/POs, and theres even a section where you have to tremelo pick extremely fast waves of single-notes.
Overall, this song has it all, theres a whole lot of different guitar sections in it and you will never be playing the same thing over and over (except at some points during the choruses, theres some 2-note chord sustains for a bit), and this song is simply a whole lot of fun.
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