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Released November 15, 2011 for Rock Band
Stevie Wonder Pack 01
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Genre: R&B/Soul/Funk
Album: Innervisions (1973)

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My favourite version of the song! Poinkish
So glad we got this version instead of the RHCP's version. One of the few songs in Rock Band that has me bouncing around while playing. It's a pretty energetic Guitar chart that has you hopping around from the left to the right side of the fretboard and vice versa. Some crazy fun note-snaking thrown in there too. The last of the three I'd tell Guitarists to pick up.
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Best Guitar Chart in the Pack Bront
The Stevie Wonder pack is probably better for a bassist than a guitarist, but this is by far the top song in the pack for guitar.

It's a funk guitar part, so you get a lot of the bouncing HOPOs (play the lead note, bounce to the next note, slight pause, do it again), with a few HOPO sections, some chords and other notes mixed in. There's not much more to it, but it mixes things up pretty good. It's also a good mix of challenging without being too difficult, and is probably one of the easier songs in the pack.

So, should you get it? Unless you hate Stevie Wonder (and really, why would you?), the answer is yes. Awesome bass and guitar, and probably even a fun non-pro keys part for the plastitar player, not to mention a well known song that's good for parties. I'd be afraid to Voxtar it due to the difficulty of both charts, but others might love the challenge. The entire pack is good for parties, most of these songs folks have likely heard at least once somewhere, even if they don't know who made them (I know that was the case for me, otherwise I'd have requested it ages ago).

To sum it up, the pack is awesome, but if you're going to cherry pick for guitar specifically, this is one of the songs to get.
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