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Released January 19, 2017 for Rock Band
Solid '70s Pack 01
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Toto (1978)

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Fun but boring at times RBAddict666
Here it is, another Toto song that everyone was waiting for after Africa was released.

The song begins with the piano intro charted to double note chords that shift up and down the fret board before transitioning into the chorus which consists of single chord strums and chord sustains.

The verse consists of single note strums with sustains and a few hammer ons here and there.

The guitar solo contains sequences of very fast taps along with some single note strums and sustains and one trill lane.
The solo is perhaps the trickiest part which will make getting that Gold Star score pretty tough!

After the verse comes the final chorus which ends with multiple YO chord strums.

All in all it's a pretty fun song but I can't give it a perfect score as the chorus sections can be a little boring.

Recommended? Yes
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