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Released June 8, 2010 for Rock Band
Deftones 01
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Saturday Night Wrist (2006)

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Madotsuki - "The picture here is an After the Fall album, not Saturday Ni..." -- Read more
Theres a Hole in your Drums Madotsuki
This has to be one of the most fun drums song I've played for awhile.
Theres just so much to talk about...
For the intro and loud parts you'll be banging on the crash and hi-hat until going into a syncopated-kick heavy section with crash and snares thrown in, then some quick rhythms with a quick hi-hat thrown in and plenty of syncopated kicks.
During the chorus you'll be playing with some tricky kicks and a smooth rhythm over the hi-hat and some doubling-up snares before doing a tom build-up and going into the chorus where you will do a linear rhythm on the ride with some quick flams and syncopated kicks.
The songs repeats its sections but with plenty of changes and short fills thrown in between that will keep you coming back to this song over and over.
The band outro is just as great as the rest of the song with plenty of crashes and kicks to keep going till the quiet guitar outro.
If you like this song, this song has a great chart that will keep you coming back, so I would highly recommend it.
If you like the Deftones, this is one of the two songs off of Saturday Night Wrist, and this one is fun as a drum song can get.
If you mainly play drums, get this song. Now. This is a must-have for any drummer. The drum chart is so diverse and fun that theres no reason that a drummer shouldn't have this song. Unless you don't like the Deftones, heh.
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