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Released June 8, 2010 for Rock Band
Green Day: Rock Band Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: American Idiot (2004)

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Great, catchy rhythm, very fun chart Madotsuki
For being one of the easiest songs off of American Idiot, its thankfully extremely fun with catchy chords and addicting rhythm.

The main riff that is played in the intro consists of some 2-note chords, short chord sustains and a few single-notes at a smooth double strumming rhythm, then continues with different chords but at a similar pace through the verses, with alot of movement throughout these chords, keeping things entertaining, unlike most chordfests.

The chorus isn't too different, but is still just as fun and mostly consists of more 2-note chords and catchy, easy double strumming until another verse.

The solo is fairly easy to FC, its mostly some single-notes with a few HO/POs, and it ends with a long Orange sustain, until 2 quick notes just as the solo ends and the vocals for the interlude come in, which has no guitar until the "Just cause..." part where you start playing some 2-note chord sustains, one of which is a HO/PO chord, and then theres another chorus and then a final chord sustain, ending the song.

Overall, this song has plenty of movement throughout, with a fun double strumming rhythm, and an easy, entertaining solo, which all together, definitely deserves a solid 5/5 for such a fun, catchy guitar chart.
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