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Released November 20, 2008 for Rock Band
Dead Kennedys 01
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Genre: Punk
Album: Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (1987)

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Dissapointingly strummy Dead Player
Now this was one of my favorite songs in GH3 by far, and I don't know why I have waited so long to buy it. But oh wait, what is up with the chart!?

It is bad when even the Guitar Hero 3 chart, the game notorious for awfull charts, is better. Let me explain:

The song starts off with a very nice bassline (no intro solo, because it is the original, but o well) and the guitar starts with some notes alternating from yellow to orange. Would have been better with the orange as HO/PO's, but not a very big problem. The bigger problem now is when the mainriff comes and you realise you are not only playing the guitar, but also the echo effects. AS STRUMS. You are strumming echo effects. This means you will strum in a way not corresponding correctly to the riff, and I must ask if it really was that hard to just add a few forced HO/PO notes here and there.

The pre-choruses are a bit more enjoyable, and the choruses are medium fast but not overly annoying alt-strum chords. After a few verses we get the guitar solo, wich is your 32nd alt-strum kind of solo (a bit like the bass solo in Club Foot and the post solo in East Jesus Nowhere) with a few variatons of the main riff afterwards. But after the solo you get the really annoying part, with notes alternating between 2 different ones before scaling upwards (example: green to yellow for a while, then red to blue and later yellow to orange) and here the lack of HO/PO really ruins it. You will be strumming alot. And no, you will not be playing the other guitar part starting halfway trough the part (like you do in GH if I remember correctly). Then the song ends with another short chorus.

So yeah, the problem is that it is charted waaaay to strummy. Strumming is fun, but not when it doesn't fit to the music or goes on for a long time in a annoying patern that is very hard to alt-strum. All in all, get the song if you are a fan of DK, if you play the drums or if you buy the whole pack.

Pros: Cool pre-choruses, a good enough solo

Cons: To much strumming, the main riff is oddly charted.
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