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Released November 24, 2015 for Rock Band
Van Halen Hits 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: 1984 (1984)

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Good lord these drums. Nicolas-1223
I think it goes without saying that the drums on this song are insane. I was able to five star the song easily and I enjoyed the chart personally, but it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

The song starts off with the memorable drum solo and you begin with a bunch of rapid fire green tom notes. I honestly couldn't even figure out a pattern for these and just wailed on the green pad incessantly. After a little of that, the yellow tom is thrown in for an alternating rhythm on the yellow and green toms, which is a bit easier to pick up the pattern of and I was able to get it relatively quickly.

After the drum solo ends, a double-blue ride beat is thrown at you. This honestly threw me off the first few times I played it and it's really hard to pull off perfectly.

The drum chart is actually pretty manageable from here on. It goes to your standard hi-hat/snare beat with kick notes on the offbeat. Do that for a while, and the double-ride beat returns during the middle guitar solo instrumental, albeit with some variations and not every beat is a double-blue like before.

Finally, you go back to the hi-hat/snare beat, end with some fast cymbal+kick hits and a tom roll, and bam, a sizable Big Rock Ending to finish it off.

Overall, a very complex chart that will have you all over the place, complete with some fun drum rolls after the gaps (after the vocal chatter sections). Though I'm sure many people may hate it for obvious reasons. Let's just be glad they didn't chart the double bass pedal, that would make this chart ridiculously unfair and much worse. :P
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