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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
Rock Band 3 Import
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Humanoid (2009)

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An Average Bass, Against It All Karmeleaux
A surprisingly decent chart, if it had just one more interesting rhythm, it'd probably be a four-star.

As it is, the verse is the main attractor. You're strumming off-beat red with a green pull-off between every other note, then the same with blue and yellow, occasionally having a yellow to orange slide. It's pretty fun, and twice has a decent HO-PO chain connecting back to the beginning of the riff. Of course, that's the full verse rhythm - there's just as many parts where you're just strumming two red or two blue with a bunch of silence.

The pre-chorus and chorus are both focused on straight eighths, though the chorus at least throws in some slow scales and HO/PO chains when switching frets. In fact, the last chorus contains a really enjoyable HO/PO chain that scales from red to orange then back up. But outside of the fills, it's straight eighths.

The verse rhythm when it's playing the full part is fun, especially the HO/PO chains. The HO/PO chains in the chorus are fun too. But the pre-chorus and chorus hurt the chances of this climbing higher than a three-star to me.

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