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Released July 5, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Hypnotize (2005)

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Hypnotize (Rocksmith)
Reviews (3) >> Review by LunaticSoul (Drums) Show:
Firstly: I don't like the band that much. Never been a SoaD fan, but these two tracks HMX selected are among my favourites from them.
Hypnotize, despite sounding as a simple song, has one sick tom beat that will destroy you at first. I've seen a lot of people failing it on sightread, and even after two, three, five bazillion times.
Take your time with it, go to practice and lower the BPM. You'll eventually realize it's a "simple" roll(when you finally nail it), just start with your Left hand (not your right), sticking is a simple LRLRLRLRLR etc,etc.. It requires some practice, but it's doable. The rest of the chart deserves a 4/5, but the tom beat is kinda unique so this song really stands out.

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