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Released July 5, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Hypnotize (2005)

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Above Average, UNLESS IT MADE ME SAY THAT Karmeleaux
The song starts out with straight eighths on orange, which isn't encouraging. Eventually it moves on to red, but still.

But then we get to the verse, which is decent fun. Strum-focused, but moves around a bit and has a small HO/PO chain at the end. It's decent fun.

The first part of the chorus is the intro again. The second part doesn't come up until the second time you get there, but it's a bit different, largely straight eighths moving slowly up the fretboard, but it has some short HO/PO chains and pauses to keep it feeling fresh. Later on, this changes to fully double-strummed, then another time it changes to purely strum-focused. So yeah, it changes every time it comes up, which gets it some point.

Then we've got the bridge, which is deceptively not that great. You see it and go 'oh man a long HO/PO chain on bass' but well it's g r yg r yg r you get the idea. It's certainly not bad, but it's repetitive in its own right and ironically it's easy to get 'hypnotized' in this part where you kinda space out on the chart. Still, with all that negative, it's a different rhythm, unique to this chart, and nonetheless fairly fun.

So yeah, fairly fun verse, fun second part of the chorus with all its variations, and a fun (but repetitive!) bridge rhythm. Worth a look if you play.

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