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Released December 10, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Sounds of Silence (1966)

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Better than I thought it would be Madotsuki
The drums chart on this was actually way funner than I expected it to be when I brought this.
The majority of this song is a nice smooth rhythm mostly over the ride with a snare on every beat and a hi-hat replacing the ride every other beat while consistent kicks that start and stop, along with some other minor changes throughout the song.
Theres not much else besides the build up before the choruses, but even so, this song is surprisingly satisfying and quite enjoyable dispite its simplicity.
The reason I give this a 4 is because its not just a linear rhythm with no changes over the hi-hat, which is what I thought it would be, and overall, this song really is quite fun.
If you mainly play drums, this is an entertaining, fun song, but if you're looking for more of a challenge, you may want to look elsewhere. Even so, this song isn't as simple and linear as it sounds, and is actually very enjoyable. I would recommend this for drummers who are looking for something thats fun, but not too difficult.
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Lots of movement, entertaining chart Madotsuki
This guitar chart sounds as good as it really is. We've all heard Simon and Garfunkel before, whether its from "The Graduate" or "Life on Mars?", and the classic jangly guitar sound of 'I Am A Rock' is thankfully charted very well in Rock Band.

The song begins with some sustains and a quick, almost shocking, chord and HO/PO pattern that I cannot for the life of me FC without messing up at least once on the few times you play it, which is a couple times in the beginning, and then again at the end.

Alot of the other sections of the song consist of constantly moving single-notes as well as a few HO/POs and chords at some points. These consistently moving and very active single-notes are one of the main things that make this song so fun on guitar.

Overall, this guitar part is very entertaining, with a very active chart that will surely keep you interested. Definitely recommended if you like the song.
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