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Released October 25, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Glam
Album: Permission to Land (2003)

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Discussions (2) >> Discussion by Caleb
Yeah Caleb
I really can't review this song anymore, everyone did it and I have nothing new to say that everyone else didn't already say.

Oh well.
10.28.11 2:43am 7 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Caleb - So? This song is popular. Most of these reviews are from the same week it came out. It's to be expected. Reply
12.21.11 7:51 pm
M_Robbins5 - I think people went overkill on reviews for this song. 10 reviews half of which are for guitar.
There are many songs here that have no reviews.
12.21.11 6:16 pm
Caleb - Actually, the only part of the song you play keys at is the bridge, and they are clearly heard. Reply
11.04.11 10:09 am
moopuns - You play notes only heard by dogs. There should be no part. xD Reply
11.04.11 12:31 am
Caleb - Why would pro keys be gold starred anyway? lol Reply
10.29.11 12:12 pm
elison - I like how every instrument is gold starred except for pro keys. Reply
10.29.11 4:52 am
Person-Man - Well... Repetitivity is key. Reply
10.28.11 6:23 pm
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