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Released June 26, 2008 for Rock Band
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Doolittle (1989)

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Not much movement, pretty entertaining bridge Madotsuki
You're usually just strumming on Red, Blue, back to Red, then Yellow with a hammer-on in-between, and you're repeatedly doing this for the verses.
The choruses aren't much more exciting, except some Greens are added in, and for the other choruses, instead theres an Orange and an Orange hammer-on.
The best part is the bridge where it speeds up and suddenly theres way more notes flying at you, and it may require a bit of alt-strumming.
Overall, I'm giving this a 3/5 because theres not much movement during the verses and choruses, but the bridge is fun enough to have this song be rated at about average for the bass chart.
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