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Released March 22, 2011 for Rock Band
Billy Joel Piano Challenge
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Storm Front (1989)

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Dog - "Does anyone else think this song kinda sounds like the Baywa..." -- Read more
This song can be somewhat repetitive as far as Billy Joel songs go. There are a few progressions that it plays several times with little variation between them. However, they're not bad, and because of this it might be a bit easier to pick up than the other songs in the pack. If it weren't for the solos I'd say this song is kinda easy (for Billy Joel).

There's generally about one chord per measure, so you don't have to move your hands around as much, but the rhythm can sometimes get crazy.

The solos are a bit easier than other solos in the pack, which is still really difficult. They consist mostly of quick stabs at two note chords. If it weren't for the solos I'd say this song was the easiest in the pack, followed by My Life.

If you think you're ready to step up to the Billy Joel challenge, this and My Life would be good places to start. Watch the videos to see if they fit your skill level. If you think it's too hard, this pack might not be for you.
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Well this was surprising GEROMY
Surprisingly good! I'm referring to the bass chart here, not the song itself. (I like Billy Joel more than most people I know, but even I must admit him as a guitar rocker sounds pretty shit.)

It started off inoffensive but not very interesting: mostly just strumming one note four times, the last of which is a sustain, then moving on to a different note. Not too interesting. Occasionally a few hopos are thrown in but not much to hold your interest.

The chorus is a bit better: occasionally you strum in a pattern something like Y Y GY Y, with the fourth note being a hopo and the fifth a sustain, which is pretty enjoyable if not difficult in the slightest.

The reason this chart gets a four rather than a low three is that during the two keys solos, the bass gets real interesting. You get some of the Y Y GY Y strumming mentioned earlier and some cool four-note hopo chains that don't feel awkward at all.

The chart's really good parts are too far in between to warrant buying the song for this chart alone, but if you're looking for a song in this pack that's enjoyable at parties you should definitely pick this up.
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