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Released November 13, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: The Essential Kenny Loggins (1980)

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Strong 5 - Must Buy! murakaz
Let me start off by saying that both this and "Footloose" are fantastic songs on vocals, and come highly recommended.

What makes "I'm Alright" such a fun song to sing is also what makes it earn its devil-tiered difficulty: octave movement. The chart covers multiple octaves over the course of the whole song, the chart "shifts" several times and can be a bit tricky to hit. These shifts aren't too frequent, they're limited to the song's two "Pre-chorus" sections, and while they might botch your FC they are super satisfying to finally nail.

Then there are the harmonies. While the solo vocals are awesome, the harmonies are an absolute blast. Outside of the opening chorus the second and third vocal parts are active in almost every phrase. You go from doing the backing Ooh's during the verses, to going back and forth a few times during the pre-chorus, and then (of course) the "dipdipdipdipdipdipdipdip".

The amount of variety, movement and challenge this song offers make this a absolute must-buy for vocalists.
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Nobody worry 'bout me. Bront
This is an amazingly fun bass chart. You get a bunch of HOPOs grouped in not too difficulty but fun and challenging sections to play, usually in 3-5 note groupings. It moves all over and while it does repeat a bit, it hardly feels repetitive with a fairly long pattern before it repeats. There are a few other slower sections, and some single note strumming sections, but they help break up the song a bit, and they're short enough to not be boring.

The most recent song I can compare it to on bass is Cult of Personality, but it has a lot more variety and fun patterns than Cult. There are few songs I'd recommend to purchase just for the bass chart, but this one is pretty awesome. IMHO, Footloose is a better Bass chart, but I enjoyed this song more.
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