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Released November 27, 2007 for Rock Band
David Bowie 01
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Genre: Glam
Album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spider (1972)

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Alluminated Guy
One of our two Bowie songs that aren't covers.
I'm glad that this was the download that was chosen to be the real version, because it's a great song.
To play on Rock Band however is a different story.
Simple chord changes and single notes are displayed throughout the whole song.
This would have been just an average song to play, if it weren't for...
A great solo, one of my all time favourite solos!
They also made it really fun to play on Rock Band!

*Final Notes*
-If you like Bowie, then get this song, and opposite.
-If the solo is bugging you so much that you want to play it on Rock Band, have fun with the slow wait in the song to get there ;)

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