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Released November 20, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: New Wave
Album: After the Snow (1982)

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I Melt With You (Rocksmith)
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RIP backup vocals Nicolas-1223
The version of this song that we have in Rock Band is the album version, which is "cleaned up" a bit, so to speak. So, the backup vocals that say "You should know better", "You should see why", etc? Those have been removed. The song feels incredibly empty without those backup vocals, as they provided a nice background tone to the song. Without those, I feel the vocal chart is pretty lacking and bland, but not bad enough to constitute anything below a 3.
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Underwhelming, but fun while it lasts. Nicolas-1223
The chart is pretty nifty, and fun while it lasts. You don't start playing anything until the second chorus, so you have quite a bit of waiting to do, but when you do start playing, it's mainly up-and-down sustains, and then single-note progressions in the "The future's open wide" part. The keyboard itself sounds good, and like I said, it's fun while it lasts, so it's an average keys chart, at best.
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Not quite worth melting over. Dr Sardonicus
There have been some great 80s hits that have been extremely fun on guitar released this year. Overkill, (I Just) Died in You Arms Tonight, and I Ran are some of the best charts of this year. Is Modern English one of these? No, but it's still pretty fun, as long as you expect an easy chart.

You start off with GYB chords, first with a quick triple strum, followed by simple alt-strumming. You then move over to RYO, where you do the same thing. You then repeat both of these before going into the chorus. The chorus is the easiest part of the song, as it just consists of sustains in a pattern that goes B-Y-G-Y-B-Y, repeated afterwards as O-Y-R-Y-O-Y. You repeat this until you get to the chorus.

The chorus pattern that you play is the intro pattern, even up to repeating twice. Afterwards, you go to the next verse, followed by another chorus, followed by the bridge. The bridge is easily the hardest part of the song, and why it's not a tier-1 chart. After a short break during the first vocal phrase, you first go into an uneven strumming section on the yellow. The best way to describe it is floating, as the notes flow through without any clear rhyme or reason. This is followed by alt-strumming arpeggios going B-Y-G, which is charted without hammer-ons, so it's a bit tricky. Afterwards, you get a verse, a chorus, another bridge, and a chorus. For these choruses, the verse pattern is played.

Overall, while easy, this song was pretty fun. It's a great party song, and that's reflected in its chart, which is not easy enough to bore, but not hard enough to frustrate. And for any players who want more of a challenge, it's a great song for Voxtar. For parties, it's a must-have, and if by yourself, it's still worth it.
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