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Released September 28, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Emo
Album: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (2004)

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I'm Not Okay(I Promise) - A Vocalist Review Xtreme Nights
Coming along on the same day that Welcome to the Black Parade came out, one of My Chemical Romance's older hits came along with it. The song that was released with Welcome to the Black Parade just happened to be I'm Not Okay(I Promise). How does this song compare to Welcome to the Black Parade? Read on to find out my thoughts on this big hit song.

The song starts out with a middle ranged pitch, which aren't hard to hit. This song carries on with the same pitch for a couple more phrases, then it gets a bit higher during the "It's better off this way!" phrase, as it goes back to the middle pitch. This type of pitch goes on for the a few more phrases. The singer then starts to yell loudly, and the pitch then ascends. As he continues the phrase "Im not okay", the pitch then descends as he holds the note. This is an easy pitch to hit, but don't do the break up in your voice like Gerard does, it doesn't work out well.

After saying "I'm Not Okay" multiple times, you go back to the same pitch as you did right at the start of the song for awhile. After awhile of doing this, the song goes into the guitar solo. Towards the end of the song, there is a bit of a silent "Way" phrase, where it starts towards the top of the pitch meter and descends. You then go into sing in a quiet voice, but don't try to whisper, just change your octave a little(Not needed though). Then you go into a really high pitch, which is a sustained "Okay". The song then somewhat repeats itself again and then heads into talkies, and then just once more, repeat the "I'm Not Okay" phrases. In the middle of the end, there is one phrase that can throw you off, which is the phrase "I'm not okay, I'm really not okay". What is my final say on this song? Read below to find out!

My final conclusion on "I'm Not Okay(I Promise)"? I will say it can be a hard song the first run or two, but after you go through the song and practice a few phrases. It's definitely really fun to try and FC, or if you are just looking for a song just to sing for the heck of it, this song is good in that section too. Any MCR should pick up this song, as it is just as good as Welcome to the Black Parade. With it's variation in pitch change and somewhat octave this song has, it is both fun and moderately hard. I give this song 5 stars as it is a really fun song to sing, and because of it's hard, but yet still not over the top hard difficulty. It's on of those songs that can be used for training vocals even, if you are looking for a song to practice pitch changes that is.
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