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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
Rock Band 3 Import
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Genre: New Wave
Album: The Crossing (1983)

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AverageRocker90 - "this song is no way near 1 tier on drums..." -- Read more
A Nice Balance Gigakoops
This song has a nice balance going here, with some more challenging bits and some more lenient bits thrown around.

We start with some power chords before getting into the opening riff, which has you strumming eighth notes around the neck with some fast strumming HOPO chords at the end. The verse riff isn't much different from the opening riff, save for some longer pauses between sets of notes. The chorus has some HOPO slides thrown into the mix, and end with a few shorter slides and sustains. The bridge sections have quicker HOPOs, but they're in sets of four or five, and if you're quick with your fingers you can hit them easily.

Overall there's some nice balance in challenge for a three-dot song. It's certainly not as boring to play as many other RB3 songs.
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