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Released July 13, 2017 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida (1968)

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Reviews (4) >> Review by Runa216 (Guitar) Show:
Okay, so you're playing keys and Guitar on this track, but who cares when it's this long?

Lots of sweeps, a familiar and easy to pickup riff (very similar to Smoke on the Water in terms of how iconic yet simple it is), four solos, and a pretty big break right when you need it.

This song is long, so taking 2-3 minutes off to relax and prep oneself for the rest of it is kind of perfect. I could see some people complaining about that long of a break,but I appreciated it and felt it was needed.

17 minutes of song, 2-3 minutes of silence, about 2-3 minutes of kinda bland repetitive strumming near the end, and 11-13 minutes of shredding. Can't recommend this one enough even with the 50% increased price tag.

Anyone and everyone who guitars should get this. In fact, the only instrument I don't think this is outstanding in is Vocals! (Even then it's fine, but we'll get to that.)

5/5 - Get this song!
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