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Released July 13, 2017 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida (1968)

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Awesome in theory, but in execution... PuppetMasterIX
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" has a legacy of being part of the impetus of metal and acid rock. If you're a drummer, you probably know this song for its lengthy drum solo and its electric tom fills later on. On that merit alone, I was hoping this would be a fun track to regularly put in, similar to how "2112" was fun despite the length and dead space.

Sadly, while the drum solo is great, the rest of this 17-minute song suffers from lengthy bouts of mindnumbing repetition.

The song starts out fine with some basic hi-hat progression and an occasional triplet roll interspersed in each of the two choruses. Once the organ and guitar solos invade, however, the tedium begins as you start playing a boring, easy ride beat that never changes; it last four and a half minutes but feels like an eternity.

Afterward, we get to easily the highlight of the song: it's two-and-a-half minute long drum solo. If you've ever played "The End" in The Beatles: Rock Band, this is basically a harder and much longer version of that, with all four pads being used as toms and a constant bass kick pattern underneath. It frequently changes up but never reaches a level where it becomes too difficult. Good stuff.

Up next is the Organ Break, the drummer is left to play simplistic toms and snare rims for over three minutes. The chart starts to suffer here again, mainly due to the length of the interlude.

After a brief reprise of the ride beat from earlier, the song busts into the second potentially good part of the song: the eccentric backing tom fills. This section primarily consists of a roll going left-to-right on all pads and repeating (with a left handed transition to the green). Unfortunately, this part suffers really badly from what I like to call "Jesus Christ Pose Syndrome": it's a unique pattern that's repeated ad nauseum, to the point where it becomes more tedious than fun. At two-and-a-half minutes (I'm sensing a trend) this section really overstays its welcome and doesn't offer nearly enough variety to redeem it. Points for novelty, though.

The song closes with a reprise of its more traditionally structure beginning, with a third verse, third chorus, and (relatively) brief outro.

This chart is respectable in that its a 17-minute song, but when you consider its repetitive, drawn-out content, its length ends up being its ultimate downfall. The 1,370 note drum solo and its length are fair enough novelties to carry it to a 3-star rating, but it's unfortunate that a song with such a legacy ends up being a largely dull experience.
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This is a true endurance test on drums. Sure, it's kinda slow and simple for the first six or seven minutes - enough to turn some people off since that's longer than most songs in the game - but that's just the lull that lowers your guard for the rest of the song.

As mentioned, the opening bit with the vocals and introduction to the song - about 6-7 minutes or so - is kind of boring. It's simple, probably a 1/5 or 2/5 difficulty at most. Slow, easy to hit the notes, and a little on the repetitive side.

But once the guitar and bass slow down and have their breaks, the drum solo picks up, and the song is utter gold from there on out.

It all starts with what is quite possibly the longest drum solo in the entire game, 78 bars or something like that, with a steady rhythm of the bass drum overlaid with a bunch of sweet drum rolls and fills for I think two and a half minutes of bliss.

After that it slows a bit but the rhythm is still fun and alternates from one stick to the next, then it picks back up in an extended outtro similar to the solo but a bit faster and requires utter perfection.

this song is HARD, and worthy of its max tiered position, even if it has an extended simple part. The solo is great, and in total there's about 9-10 minutes of utter bliss aside from the slow opening. Lots of fun, but be prepared for an endurance test.

5/5 - Great but be warned of how exhausting it is.
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My first time through this on bass, I was a little frustrated with it. The song is long, yes, and that leads to a VERY long break (185 measures, I believe) in the middle, which is once again a thing that people could really dislike and I'd understand it.

Thing is, the rest of the song - the remaining 11 minutes - are all actually really good. For the first third of its length, the bass more or less keeps up with the guitar aside from the solos, which is pretty awesome with a few added flourishes here and there.

The middle segment is empty, which I personally enjoyed because I don't mind waiting a few minutes if the rest of the song is good, so we'll move onto the final third of the song.

Once again the bass keeps up with guitar, but when the guitar gets a little on the bland and repetitive side, the bass picks up the slack and is all over the board with some pretty awesome riffs while still being the backbone of the song.

Yeah, the Bass has a big gap in the middle and it's not as fun as Guitar/Drums, but compared to the rest of the library, it's still a solid 5-star effort, definitely worth playing.

5/5 - Aside from the break it's amazing.
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Okay, so you're playing keys and Guitar on this track, but who cares when it's this long?

Lots of sweeps, a familiar and easy to pickup riff (very similar to Smoke on the Water in terms of how iconic yet simple it is), four solos, and a pretty big break right when you need it.

This song is long, so taking 2-3 minutes off to relax and prep oneself for the rest of it is kind of perfect. I could see some people complaining about that long of a break,but I appreciated it and felt it was needed.

17 minutes of song, 2-3 minutes of silence, about 2-3 minutes of kinda bland repetitive strumming near the end, and 11-13 minutes of shredding. Can't recommend this one enough even with the 50% increased price tag.

Anyone and everyone who guitars should get this. In fact, the only instrument I don't think this is outstanding in is Vocals! (Even then it's fine, but we'll get to that.)

5/5 - Get this song!
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