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Released October 18, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Self-Titled (2010)
Author: RedRockCharters

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Decibelle - "No guitar, vocals, or bass...." -- Read more
Very fun, though short. Decibelle
The song is very short. Despite it being a little over a minute however, it makes the most of its time. You get a few patterns; one at the beginning of the song, rolls on the snare, and movement on the toms. Think of it as a warmup, or practice. The entire song is also a solo though, so there's no room for error; you can fail out quickly if you can't keep up.

Yet despite the length and the fact that the whole song is a solo, it's very much worth a purchase. It's great to get your limbs moving, and what little time it spends is made the most of.
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