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Released January 11, 2011 for Rock Band
Linkin Park 01
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Hybrid Theory (2000)

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One should not bear the torture of me rapping m2cks
The subject line speaks the truth: I cannot sound "tough" enough to rap fluently, even though I can memorize the lyrics to my heart's content. Though that is a sobering thought to my future hip-hop rapstar career, one always has auto-tune to look forward to, right? I kid, but really outside of MC Frontalot (in which you are encouraged to sound as nerdy as possible), I cannot rap.

My disability does not hinder the enjoyment factor this song brings to me. After all, Rock Band's vocals are supposed to make anyone feel like a rockstar without all the negativity (at least they can stand to "not catch the unicorn", right?). With that, the song's chart is among my personal favorites, with me constantly coming to it among hundreds of other choices.

The reason why that is is because the rapping in the verses is fluid, which smoothly transcend into Chester's sustain-heavy chorus. It repeats for the second verse/chorus until the bridge, in which most of the background instruments drop out and the vocalist can do a little solo (which is always fun to do in a party). The bridge swoops up an octave for the high-energy chorus/outro, and then the keyboardist is left playing the iconic piano riff until the end.

While solo is fun, this song is ESSENTIAL for any harmonies player. I cannot stress this enough: this song is one of the best harmonies experiences one could have in Rock Band. Like in Crawling (or in nearly any LP song), one raps while the other punctuates the rapping with bursts of singing, and so forth. This trading off between vocalists is perfect for both just friends hanging out and parties (particularly after a few drinks). Fun all around, this song gets top marks from me.
07.11.11 4:19pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
A general review of this song. LunaticSoul
Linkin Park is a band that almost everyone knows. If you were twelve when they released their almost groundbreaking Hybrid Theory you CAN'T have listened to it less than 100 times. At least, that's what I did back then, when I was younger/dumber.
This is song is like a youth anthem to me: when I think of my adolescence I can't find another song I listened most, and that's why, in some sort of way, this song is special to me.

Gameplay-wise, despite having a full set of RB instruments (with harmonies and keys, too) this pack is nothing relevant and absolutely skippable: IMHO LP is not a band that suits well, or at least their last album (GH pack, I'm talking to you), their half-ballads (Crawling and Numb); honestly, even if I were the biggest fanboy ever I wouldn't ever buy it as a whole.

However, it seems like their Rock songs, played with real drums (not a electronic drum beat, as Numb and Crawling) are still worth playing: the drums chart is good enough, with a bit of repetition but also a good type of variety during the verses. 3.5/5

Keys always follow the same pattern, I always wanted to know what the notes were for the famous "riff", and here they are. Nothing particularly awesome, but hey, I love Pro Keys, even the Beautiful People is awesome to me :p

Harmonies with rap parts? I like them, I'm not a great singer but I like to sing with others, and this is a plug and play song even on harmonies.4/5

Guitar is absolutely boring, a typical characteristic of this pack. If you're mainly a guitar player, this is not the pack for you. 2/5..Despite this, "In the End" has something the other songs of the pack don't have: a good Bass chart. Is a lot repetitive, yes, but it's good enough to entertain you, with a nice "flow" that must be awesome on Pro-Bass, which this song has. Overall, I think this song deserves a 3/5, while the Bass chart gets a 4/5 .
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General review Zombutch
People often complains that Linkin Park songs are pretty linear on guitar and drums. This is because it's all about lyrics and vocals.

Linkin Park is nice to sing. Some fast talkies mixed with melody and harmonies.

The voxtarists out there will surely enjoy doing two (linear) instruments at once. Guitar and vox is great if one is patient enough to learn the lyrics.

Overall, it's an easy song to many instrument but since everyone likely know it, it would turn out to be a fun party song just like Bon Jovi's, Pearl Jam's or Evanescence songs.
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Easiest Song of All Time Dead Player
Oh wow, if you thought Something In The Way or Slow Ride was easy, it is nothing compared to this. This is... oh wow...

Basically, you play sustains. And lots of them too. Yup, that's all. Sustains. Ok, it changes between chord sustains and single note sustains at times, but still.

The only thing that saves it is that it is a good song to have your noobish mates start playing Expert on, not to mention that it is easy to play Voxtar to.

Only get it if you get the whole pack and if you like the song.
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Same as Numb, but worse Caleb
I love the song, don't get me wrong. But this has to be some of the worst guitar charts ever.

All you play is sustain after sustain after sustain.
Sustains in the verse.
Sustains in the chorus.
WAIT FOR IT. Sustains in the bridge.

NO VARIATION. Nothing to keep it interesting, and nothing really to warrant a purchase other than purely for musical value.
01.11.11 11:25pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
BASS PEDAL Jacobtheboffin
Unlike the other LP songs I tried this week, this one was the most shocking, by throwing bass pedal notes everywhere.

The song is fairly fun, mostly a fairly simple beat over disturbed type bass pedal. The chorus is quicker, and is like Why Go. There are fills scattered throughout, which makes a nice change from the other 2, which seem to lack any

Fans of the song will not be disappointed, and those who aren't won't find a terrible drum chart. However the bass pedal can ruin your combo and be annoying for some players
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PRO KEYS: Because the song has an easily recognizable piano portion, that should tack on a couple of fun points right there. Otherwise it's a bunch of easy chords, thankfully with few breaks. It's okay if you're a novice but there's more rewarding pro keys DLC out there.
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I Really love this song but the only good parts are the Vocals and Keys

Vocals: 5/5
Guitar: Just sustained notes, really boring 1/5
Bass: Just the Chorous Parts are nice 3/5
Drums: No Comments 4/5
01.17.11 6:52pm 0 Replies | Reply -3 Relevance
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